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Fun for your whole group

Seniors and tour groups:

Consider our tour program if you have a group of 20 or more people.


We'll create a customized program for you, including special boat tours to highlight the beauty of the Shasta Lake and Dam. We can arrange boxed lunches and can accommodate seniors with reduced activity.


Reservations are mandatory, and weekends and holidays are not available.


School groups:

Experience our popular Underground Classroom.


This is a complete and hands-on school program for second to sixth graders. Through the years, we have developed a fun, complex and exciting program that is easy for teachers and unique for children.


The program is designed for groups of 10 or more students. So far, over 15,000 children have enjoyed this educational program! Here's what to expect:


Owned and operated by our neighbors

Snag group tickets!

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark welcomes your group to our grounds. We offer special discounts to seniors, as well as high school and college classes. You'll see that our caverns are much more than just a cave!

More Than Just a Cave

  • Teachers receive educational materials for students to review prior to coming, include a video that students are required to watch.

  • Upon arrival, students put on elbow and knee pads, as well as hard hats with lighting, to feel like professional cavers.

  • In the cave, the students divide into groups. Each group centers on a different aspect of cave exploration.

  • Special school prices are available for gemstone panning and gift bags.

  • Picnic tables near the caves are a great place for lunch!

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